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Achieving Your Goals

with support that creates change

At Exhale there is an intentionality to exploring your personal truth. We create the safety through awareness to explore your lived experiences. Instilling foundations of seeking with curiosity and the application of kindness, starting with self.

Individual Psychotherapy

Couples & Pre-marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Family Counseling

Life Transition Events


Disordered Eating | Food Disorders

Divorce Counseling

Adolescent & Teen

Co-Parenting & Parallel Parenting

Our Approach... it's eclectic! 

At Exhale we come from diverse backgrounds and together we share common modalities and unique ones! We are person-centered and utilize holistic additions to our sessions.


DBT, CBT, Trauma-informed, Generational exploration, Existential Therapy, Solution-focused, Emotion regulation, Motivational interviewing, Mindfulness, EFT, Interpersonal and Humanistic theory. 

We approach each individual with room to breathe while we explore your lived experience. The lens of neutrality and curiosity create safety and an expanding awareness of ones self. 

“Trauma is not what happens to you but what happens inside you” 
― Gabor Maté,

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