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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Life-coaching services are designed for the situations where traditional counseling services are not working or unique obstacles and goals are at play. 

Coaching focuses on whole-person development but is traditionally initiated due to a specific problem or goal. Life-Coaching is exactly what it sounds like; an intentional partnership designed to guide, support, and reinforce consistency. Working together to overcome challenges and create lasting implemented changes.  



Consulting & Training

Consulting is usually utilized by other professionals who are seeking speciality information. Exhale's consulting ranges from educating, instructing, to meaningful planning about the situation.

Angela and her team specialize in individual and complex family dynamics typically concerning the mental wellness of an individual or family. They have experience in working with CYS, family court systems, and juvenile court system.    

Training's offered by Exhale are provided to students and employees for the benefit of educating and interacting around identified subject matter.


Training's include:

Wellness Series 

D&A Education

* Life-Coaching, Consulting, Co-Parent & Parallel-Parenting session, and Training are not covered by insurance and are cash rates. Life-Coaching and Co-Parent & Parallel-Parenting session ranges from $100-$200 per session/activity and assessed at consultation.

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