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Exhale Therapy, where it all comes together, when we start breathing.

Our Belief

Exhale provides individual, family, couples and uniquely blended family/multi-person sessions. We recognize and plan for diverse unique family units and relationships. Exhale believes in initiating the trusted foundation for self exploration, awareness and growth. As individuals we come from generational collective units, our experiences provide us with core insights about ourselves and our world around us. Exhale uses generational awareness in conjunction with evidence-based practices, person-centered modalities and action-based skills to support stabilization and healing. With those foundations individuals can continue to challenge themselves towards greater change and personal insight. Deepening the understanding of self, family, community, and human connection.  

2023 Exhale Therapy

Locally Owned & Operated

Small business makes it Family business

Sustainability works when the mission and management are plugged in to the community and the members it serves. Exhale Therapy's grassroots intentionality allows for individually tailored services, approach, and support. 

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